Fujiya's Strawberry Milky Candy: Review

Today's goodie post is on this Fujiya brand Milky candy in a strawberry flavor!
This milky candy has the iconic girl on the front with her tongue out as if she just ate or will eat something delicious.

This package comes with quite a bit of candies and they are all individually wrapped

The candy itself is a hard creamy strawberry flavor on the outside..
And then on the inside, there is like crystalized milky hard candy that sort of flakes off. It isn't chewy like the original one (I think).

I found this on a discount at a smaller Japanese store and decided to grab it since I haven't tried the strawberry flavor Milky candy yet. It was around $2.49 or so.
If you like strawberry flavored candies, then I would suggest this one to try out! This one is good for sharing too since there are a lot that come in the bag.

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