Guest Post: The Best Rainy Day Beauty Tips and Tricks by Amy Mia Goldsmith

*this post is a guest post written by Amy Mia Goldsmith*
We are all preoccupied with protecting our skin from the summer sun, sea salt and chlorine, and when the summer is finally over, we all feel relieved that we do not need to worry about it anymore, all the while forgetting that the worst is yet to come. Fierce cold winds, frostbite, humidity, and monsoon-like downpours require you to revise your skin care routine and take it to the next level. This is particularly important for people with dry and sensitive skin. Rainy days can be really challenging when it comes to staying pretty as well.There are few things in a girl’s life that are worse than getting all dolled up and then soaked through half an hour later. However, you should not let a gusty day get you down.
Read these simple tips and tricks and prepare yourself to brave the harshest of elements.

1. Use soap free cleansers or a good scrub

As the temperatures drop, so does the humidity level. Your already sun-dried skin’s ability to hold water is decreases by 25 percent, and it feels even drier and tighter. Not to mention the wind that is beating it down. The last thing your skin needs are aggressive and irritating soap cleansers that take away the much needed natural skin oils. Switch to soap free, gentler products that clean and hydrate at the same time. If you have not yet done it, try micellar water – the most innovative and gentlest cleanser on the market at the moment. It is great for makeup removal too. Treat your face and body with oil-based scrub to get both the exfoliating and hydrating benefits.

2. Use an alcohol free toner

After cleansing comes toning. Just like soap, alcohol dissolves the good surface oils and leaves your skin flaky. Always read the label and avoid all products that contain retinol, Alcohol Denat.,or any other simple alcohol. Astringent are packed with alcohol, since they are intended for teenagers’ greasy skin. Avoid them as well. Opt for those toners that have soothing agents like chamomile extract, or nutrients like vitamin B.

3. Don't forget to use sunscreen

Sunscreen is an all-year essential. Just because you are not going to the beach every day does not mean you should exclude sunscreen from your daily skin care. Apply it every time before you leave your home, even on a cloudy day. For those with normal skin type, the higher SPF the better, while those with acne prone skin should go for at least SPF 15. I use and recommend ASAP skin care products , especially the Moisturizing Daily Defence with SPF 30.

4. Choose organic makeup

Mascara runs do not look good on anyone. In general, heavy makeup and rain do not see eye to eye. If you are not ready to give up on your make up, get it on the organic makeup. It is free of preservatives, and synthetic ingredients, and much lighter than the regular makeup. Mineral makeup is the latest thing in the cosmetics industry, containing only the goody good stuff.Pack the essentials in a little pouch and carry it wherever you go in case you need a quick touch-up.

5. Don't forget about your lips

Protect your lips with lip ointments or butters that you will carry in your purse and reapply throughout the day. Try peptide-based products and aply them under the lipstick, especially under matte and long-wearing ones. Never bite your lips. Once the saliva evaporates, the temporary good feeling will evaporate with it and you will be left with chapped and cracked lips.
In what ways do you protect your skin during autumn?

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne who loves to write short stories and reviews. Amy is a regular contributor at High Style Life. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – make up shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

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