Ume + Salt = Lovely combo

Again with whole sweet and salty trend, but this flavor combo has actually been around. Ume also known as plum, has been a favorite of mines in all forms: candy, drinks, dried and preserved, umeboshi, etc.

This Ume and salt candy combo is very similar to what is known as men's ume candy due to the more salty flavor rather than sweet.


Again, this was a given to me as a sample to perhaps try to carry, and I do like it enough to carry out. It retails at around 2.79 to 3 dollars, somwhere around there. For the amount you get in the bag and having it be a product from Japan, that is actually not too bad for the price point.
This is a hard candy and it lasts quite awhile if you don't bite into it. This ume shio (plum salt) candy is pretty good in terms of the amount of sour plum flavor to salt ratio. There is a definite ume/plum flavor that is a little sour which I like and prefer way more than those ume candies that have little ume flavor and are too sweet with no tartness at all. The amount of salt is also good in balancing with the sweet and sour flavors present in the ume candy. The only warning I have for this is that if you have too many in a short period of time, it can raw up the roof of your mouth (as would any sour other sour candies would)
I am pretty sure I will be bringing in this candy.


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