Fresh's Cannabis Rose--Perfume Review

I really enjoyed the Fresh Cannabis Santal (review) perfume and when I saw that they had a Cannabis Rose scented one, I was really intrigued and wanted to try it. I love most things rose scented and I lo ed the name and packagin of this perfume. They didn't have it in stores and it only sold online in the larger 100ml size. I took a chance and ordered it from Nordstrom and when I finally received it, I have to say I was extremely disappointed... =(

Now here are the reasons why.
First of all, the scent is so strong and intense, it smells like one of those "my grandmother took a shower and poured a bottle of perfume over her" types of scents. The rose scent wasn't exactly the type of rose I was imagining. I was hoping for more of a fresh and light rose mixed in with the woody/musky aroma of Cannabis Santal, but this was a strong and heavy rose scent.
When I sprayed it on my skin, it wasn't too bad. Initially I thought "oh I can get use to this" since it was a lot lighter than smelling it straight from the bottle. However, as it settled onto my skin and warmed up with my body chemistry, the rose scent disappeared completely leaving that way-to-strong-old-lady smell. I tried to tough it out to wear it longer to see if I would eventually like it, but I couldn't even bare with the scent that long and had to wash my hands and wrists. Even after I washed, the smell still lingered.

I was highly disappointed of not liking this because when I read reviews on it, people seemed to really enjoy this scent and the uniqueness of it. Maybe I got a bad batch? I'm not sure, but I am not willing to try and buy it again. It is also disappointing because I love the other Fresh perfumes I have and was not expecting this one to be such a miss. This is probably the only one Nordstrom and Sephora don't have at their stores to test out and smell and it is also comes in the large size only. The best part out of it was that it was very easy to return it back to Nordstrom. I just told the girl I ordered it online since it was online only and when she went to go smell it she completely understood why I had to return it! Her exact words were "that smells god-awful".

So there you go, I do NOT recommend this product at all. You can take a chance if you're highly curious and order it on Nordstrom and return it if you don't like it. I feel like there may be an audience for this scent, but for the majority, I would suggest skipping out on this one.

Do you like the Fresh brand perfumes? If so, which ones do you recommend? What are your favorite perfume brands? Let me know!


  1. That's too bad! :( The bottle is gorgeous though! I like classic ''grandma'' scents like Chanel no. 5, but even this one sounds like too much! I'll definitely pass now! I feel like if I hadn't read this review, the packaging would suck me in!

    1. I know! I love the bottles of this whole range, they're so simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Plus even the box it came in was cute. I usually don't mind grandma scents either, but this was just too intense for me. And the name and packaging definitely sucked me in!

  2. wow, sucks you didnt like it I thought it'll be great just by looking at it but I'm glad you shared :) I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back! xo Agatha

    1. I really wanted to like it because I loved the name and packaging of it but the smell just didn't do it for me. And thank you, I will come visit your blog soon!

  3. That must be an interesting smell !
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  4. that's too bad! thanks for sharing though :)

    xx fameliquorlove

  5. Great review
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    Let me know

  6. such a pitty as it looks so pretty

    xxx Anna
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  7. I think this one is a bit extra intense for regular use. Well, thanks for the info.


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