Hawaiian Natural Tea in Passionfruit Orange

Today's tea review is on a Hawaiian brand--Hawaiian Natural Tea made in Honolulu, Hawaii. These teas are certified USDA Organic , have no carbs, no GMOs and are rich in antioxidants being a blend of organic green and black tea.
The flavor I have is passionfruit orange. The one I picked up cost around $3.69 a pack for 8 teabags. I can't find the same amount online, but there is one for a bigger size HERE

Their story on the back side. 

I tend to like my tea stronger so I placed the bag in the hot water for about 4 mins (directions say 1 to 3 mins, its all preference). What I like bout this tea is that it does not become overly bitter when steeped too long, especially for having black tea in it. I wish the fruit flavoring was a bit more intense, I can smell the passion fruit more than I can taste it and the orange flavor seems to be a bit lost.

This was my last tea bag of this tea and I probably won't be repurchasing. However, there are other flavors 
(mango peach, and pineapple strawberry) in this line that I am curious to try, so will perhaps be doing so soon. 

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