Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner & Moisture Cream Review

I bought these two Meishoku Organic Rose products a couple of months ago and have finally started to use them on a regular basis once my Kracie moisturizer ran out. I think I honestly bought it because a) it said rose on it, and b) the packaging was super cute! Lolz
I was looking for a new toner and moisturizer though since my old one was running low and I thought it would be a good time to try something new!

After a few weeks of use, I have to say that I am really enjoying these two products! Let's take a closer look..
Not much to say about the Organic Rose Skin Conditioner skin conditioner besides the fact that I am really enjoying it. I use a cotton pad and apply a generous amount onto it so it is just about soaked. Then I wipe it all over my face and let it dry. It is a clear toner (looks like water) with a nice rose scent and isn't drying on the skin after it dries. It just balances my skin out well, but I didn't notice anything significant like tighter pores or what not.*

Now for the Organic Rose Moisture Cream. The size on this is quite small compared to other creams I have had before and this product overall was pricier. But I really wanted to try it in conjunction to the toner so I got over that fact pretty quick.

The product itself is a nice smooth cream and isn't too thick nor is it too watery. It also has a nice slight rose scent to it that is very minimal--so nothing overbearing. I like applying this mainly in the morning since it stays pretty cold and wakens up my face and depuffs. You don't need a lot of this to make your face moisturized and hydrated. I use more on the spots that are drier (around my forehead/hairline and the sides of my face and below my chin) and it works perfectly!
On the face, the product doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feeling at all--which is a definite plus!
I paid around $10 (w/ a discount) at my local asian store that carries these beauty products but online sites such as have them as well for maybe a little more $$.

Overall, I am highly enjoying everything about these products from the name, the packaging, the scent and what it does for my face (mainly just hydrate and acting as an every day moisturizer*)! I highly recommend these two if you are looking for something mild for a toner and moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive and drier skin.

Have you tried any Asian beauty skin care recently? Do you like rose scented products?!? Let me know!


  1. I never particularly liked rose scent until recently :D My favourite rose scent is the one that Bourjois baked blushes (those in little pots) have :D
    And these product do really have a nice packaging, especially the skin conditioner! :)

    1. I have never tried any Bourjois products but may have to look online for it since I'm just now starting to get into blushes! I love rose scents as long as they're not too strong. And yes, the packaging is so pretty...part of the attraction that led me to try these products out lolz. >.<

  2. I haven't tried the other products in the line, but I can see all 3 together being a bit much, especially if your skin isn't as dry. I think the combination I have of the skin conditioner (toner) and moisture cream works really well for my dry skin. Hopefully the products get better for you over time or you can find someone that those products can work for!

  3. i dont understand the reviews about describing the consistency, thickness, color of the cream. we are after on the effect the cream on the skin. i wish blogs would tell us the after effect and long terms effects coz really we dont care how the cream looks, its the quality it brings on the face that we after.

  4. I describe the consistency because that is how it feels to me when I apply it to my face, but my hands. I mentioned that you don't need a lot of this product to moisturize and I also mentioned I like using it in the morning because it tends to be cold and the effects of it depuffs my face.
    For me, this product helped my very dry and sensitive skin as moisturizer and is mild enough for my face. These are the quality of it on my face, sorry if it isn't as descriptive enough but for me that's all it did and works as an every day moisturizer to just hydrate, nothing really more or else I would have mentioned it. Nothing really special that it did but just hydrate my skin. There are no long term effects that I have seen with this product it just works as an every day moisturizer. I also don't like moisturizers that leave my skin feeling sticky so I had to mention that since I know a lot of people also don't like that feeling. Sorry if the post wasn't clear on that but some people like to know the consistency of the cream since they may not like having a thick/watery moisturizer and prefer something else or they also may not like creams that leave a sticky feeling on the face either.

  5. I also bought these exact two products because A) Rose! And B) The packaging is reallyreally cute!!! ♡♡♡ xD


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