Divergent Lt. Ed. Multi-piece Collector's Palette !! 2014 at Sephora

Just a quick post right now on this Divergent limited edition palette for Sephora that I just picked up tonight at the mall! I was reading up on this and doing some research and just knew I had to get it! 

There are other products that came with the Divergent collection including a nail polish set and a larger full on make-up kit with 12 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 4 lip glosses ( I believe) but I really don't need that much so knew this would suffice!
I will be doing swatches later, probably the weekend ,when I have better daytime lighting!!***

I was a major fan of the first two books when they came out a few years ago. I have yet to finish the last one Allegiant (I have not clue why it is taking me so long still!) but since I was a major fan and I heard Sephora would be carrying this and for a decent price ($32.50), I just had to get it! I don't have any 'real' palettes so I thought this would be a good one to treat myself to and a good starter type of set.
I absolutely love the packaging from the box around that actual palette down to the palette itself. I love the Ferris Wheel on the box too--if you read the book you'll get it! (Trish+Four)
The tin package is a reflection to the cover of the first novel and is quite sturdy and weighty. The tin is also nice so the palette doesn't get dirty either! It is also a magnetic closure so you won't have to worry about it opening on  you or making sure you snap it tight. Inside comes with a high-shine lip gloss, three eye shadows, a plush and a matte bronzer. **SWATCHES COMING SOON**

The main thing that I noticed though was that the lip gloss packaging is almost identical to this Hourglass lip gloss I already have. That leads me to think..did Hourglass make these products for the Divergent movie debuting and just used a different trademark on it? I maybe could research it but just by looking at the identical packaging, I think I may be right?? Yes? No?. 

Anyways, I am absolutely thrilled to have picked this up and can't wait to use it. I swatched it in stores and the colors were all very nice and neutral--perfect for someone like me who really doesn't wear eye shadows! It gives me more room to play and experiment with.

I will be posting swatches and stuff within the next few days! Keep a look out for those.

Did you read the Divergent series? Will you be watching the movie? Are you interested in trying out the Divergent for Sephora makeup? Let me know!!


  1. I've definitely reached my shopping limit this week....next week however.... haha, totally going to get my hands on this! Looks and sounds wonderful!!


  2. looks amazing!



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