Sasatinnie Color Fusion Gradation Blush in 01 Rose Pink: Swatch + Review

I've only very recently been into blushers and my first blush review will be on this adorable one from

This is another Asian beauty product and this time from Taiwan.
Here is a description of the back of the box.

Now for the product itself, as you can see, it comes with a mirror which is always useful. In person, you can really see the gradation of the blush--it didn't translate to well on camera but you can still somewhat see it--a lighter pink on the top fading into a darker pink on the bottom.
Now for the swatches on my hand:
The left side is the top part only, the middle is the bottom part only, and the right side is the colors mixed together. As you can see, they're all very pink and the darker side is a bit more coral, but not by much. I'm not a big blush person but I can tell you that when I went to swatch this, it was very smooth. You can get a sheer swatch of color or build it up which I actually prefer instead of having it be too pigmented, because let's be honest, I do not want to look like a clown!

Now for the swatches on my cheeks. I swirled the blush all together with my Real Techniques blush brush and applied them to my apples and then backwards towards my hair line.

These pictures are in outdoor lighting and for some reason, the camera didn't pick up the color as much as I saw it in person. In my bathroom, I thought I loaded on too much, but thought for the sake of the review i'd leave it as is come to find out that it looks way more natural in natural lighting.

This blush gives me the prettiest pink flush that doesn't look made up at all which I absolutely love. I know a lot of people like pigmented blushes but I like this one because it is buildable and I don't have to worry about applying on too much. Plus. this blended really easily on my cheeks and wasn't blotchy/patchy at all!
I think this picture is the best to see how the blush looks on my cheeks.

This wore pretty well throughout the day. I had this on in the afternoon and at night when I looked at myself in the bathroom, I still noticed the blush on my cheeks.

One of the reasons I have been so reluctant to try more face products is the fact that my skin is pretty sensitive, however, as I have gotten older, I have noticed my skin is more forgiving now, especially when I try new products. But with that said, I am pretty sure I was suckered into this product when I saw the packaging and the whole fact that it is a gradation blush with an embossed heart.  After trying it on, however, I fell in love with it and can't wait to try out more blushes. I usually only wear blush when I feel more 'girly' or when I feel a little down--it just brightens up my mood.

Are you guys in love with blushes or more like me and just starting to get into them? What are your favorite colors in blushers?!


  1. Oh I've never heard of this brand before but the blush is a really cute color. It looks great on you, natural with still some pop - not overly done at all. Thumbs up! I like your simple eye makeup too. I'm your newest follower, hopefully you can check out my blog :)

    Jen xx

    1. hey, unfortunately it says I cannot follow you, I'll check by later :)


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