Spring Bling

Spring is the time I like to bring out my brighter and more pastel jewelry pieces. I am usually only into earrings and rings, but for over a year now, I have been into all of it--necklaces and bracelets included!
Here's just a quick look at some of the pieces I have been loving to wear.
Many of these pieces are older or I found at little boutique stores so I don't have links for them! My apologies! If I can find something similar to them I will share them.

I have been really into blue pieces lately and the silver with blue beaded bracelet adds a very beachy feel to an outfit.
Loving tribal inspired earrings as well as floral earrings!

Love bright bubble bead pieces like the stretch ring and this bobble bracelet.
This dangly pair of earrings with the blue bead accents gives off an exotic/tropical vibe.

I'm still in love with this light jade green statement necklace I got from Nordstrom BP last summer. It is the perfect pop of color and looks and is just gorgeous!

Blue beaded bracelet - bought in a street market in LA
Coral Beaded ring - bought at a thrift store
Blue and pink bobble bracelet - Bought at a fair
Tribal print earrings - Pac Sun
Pink floral earrings - bought at a Korean boutique store
Dangly blue beaded earrings - F21
Statement necklace - Nordstrom


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