MAC Playland Collection-Playland Lipstick: SWATCH + REVIEW

When I saw that MAC was coming out with a summer collection themed 'Playland,' I was really excited and of course looked to the lipsticks right away. Sure there were a lot of other colors that were more wearable, brighter, more colorful, but I just didn't want to get something too similar to what I already have from MAC (I was eyeing Toying Around, but when I was at the MAC counter, I noticed it was really similar to Impassioned--a color I bought about a month ago!). Therefore, it left me eyeing the one that was different than the rest with the same name as the collection: The Playland lipstick in the frost formula.
As you can see, this is a yellowy gold color which I think is perfect for the summer time against tanned skin. I bought this more so for its uniqueness as well as for layering purposes. The touch of gold would be perfect to add to the bottom lip for a nice golden pouty effect.

When I went to swatch this lipstick, it was a bit on the drier side and found that it tugged on my skin a bit, however, the color was really pretty and a nice golden glow.
I find that this product is definitely buildable on the lips for when you want either a subtle glow or a full on golden pout. It is definitely drying on the lips and can get patchy and dry on to the drier parts of your lips so I HIGHLY recommend exfoliating well since this product will also settle into lip lines. I suggest maybe a lip concealer applied first if you really wanted the bold gold look, especially if your lips are pigmented like mines--it will peek through.

On me now, with my current skin tone, a full on golden pout washes me out, but on tanned/olive and darker skin tones, I can see it as a gorgeous golden glow that adds warmth to the face and give it a very tropical vibe. I need to experiment more with this lipstick with either glosses on top or layering this over another lipstick like a red! This golden color reminds me of the Covergirl Blast Flipstick that I tried on once (didn't really like it) but it has a red lipstick on one side and a golden color on the other side that you can layer on over the red.

This product isn't as creamy as I would like it to be, but I find that with time I can work with it. It is a very unique color and would be nice to add to your collection (plus the name is so fun and it is limited edition).
I picked mines up at the MAC counter at my local Nordstrom for $16 and it was the 2nd to last one they had, so this color seems to be more popular than I thought it would be considering the color.

Have you picked up anything from the MAC Playland summer collection? What are your favorites?!


  1. It's different for sure and I usually go for matte dark lipsticks but I actually really love it and how metallic it is! For summer it's a pretty fresh shade and it looks great on you!
    Sarah @

    1. Haha yea, I don't have much like this product and think in Summer it would look really cool, especially on warm summer nights =P

  2. such a cool layering shade! Definitely need to check out all of the new MAC collections; they sound so promising (well...for the most part!)

    1. haha, yeah there are a few new MAC collections coming out (Aqua collectino, Maleficent, Lorde's, etc) that I can't wait to check out.


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