Summer Scent, Summer Fruit: All Things Peach

With Summer slipping through our fingers, I was thinking back trying to remember what my favorite scent/color was over the past couple months and the answer was simple: Peach!
I was obsessed with peach lips, peach scents, and of course, the actual peach fruit (more so White peaches ..mmmm =P ).
Here's  look at some of my favorite Summer Peach items (and yes I choose products that actually have the word peach in their descriptions!). Let's take a look! 

Let's start off with one of the most delicious smelling scents, IMO, at Bath and Body Works: Market Peach. After walking into a BBW towards the end of last summer, I couldn't help but notice the delicious smell from a candle they were burning. It smelled exactly like a field or ripe, juicy peaches that was fresh and not overly sweet. Once I learned it was 'Market Peach' I definitely had to grab a candle! Since I was savoring the candle and loved it so much, I eventually got the wallflower in the scent since I love putting them around in my house (the website doesn't have 'Market Peach' anymore but they have Harvest Peach. Then since I wanted to carry the scent around with me, I also picked up the room spray! I love spraying this in my car or in my room since the smell just lingers and is sooo delicious!
The next peach scented items are these body products: Vineyard Peach body butter from The Body Shop and  a body wash and body mist in Happy Sweet Peach from the Japanese brand Kracie and their Aroma Resort line. I love layering similar scents together and this one is perfect for summer. After I was off with the body soap in the shower, I pat dry and lather on the body butter. This product is just so light, yet rich, it feels great on the skin. Then to top it off, I use the body mist (which is actually more like a very light liquid lotion) and spray it on and massage it over the body butter. The combo is luxurious feeling and is really nice for a pamper routine. Or, if I know I have a long day or something more important to go to, I will take my time in the morning to shower and go through this whole routine. Definitely for the peach lover.
Lastly, I have two lip products that both have the word 'peach' in them and both that I actually have used quite a lot this summer.
The first one is Revlon's lip butter in Peach Parfait. This is such a simple color to throw on and I usually leave this in my car or purse. It leaves a nice wash of color of the lips and just makes the lip look a little brighter and better since it has a slight sheen and sparkle to it. The next one is NYX's butter gloss in Peaches and Cream--my first ever butter gloss (read the review here! This is definitely a bit more of a pinky peach but it definitely looks pretty on the lips either way. I usually wear this on its own for a sheer look, but this is pretty over lipsticks as well. I especially like this over nude lipsticks to add a hint of color to them.
Readers, what has been your go to color or scent this Summer? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Let me know!

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