I've never been into maxi skirts but within the last year or so, I've actually been diggin' how easy they are to wear and throw on. I've also been into the whole 'ethereal' thing so this dream catching ying-yang tee and moon and wild symbols on the skirt have been definitely filling in that void.
Best part of this whole outfit is that all of it is super affordable. The shirt is from Nordstrom Rack from the brand Eleven Paris, Skirt is from Target (literally $5!) and the sandals are from Steve Madden ones from Marshalls.. I'm always looking for a good deal and why pay full price when you don't have to?!
Eleven Paris Top - Nordstrom Rack,  Maxi Skirt - Target, Gladiator Sandals - Marshalls

I enjoyed a Caesar salad while my mom had the house salad (I think). It came with some nice and toasty Foccacia bread that also went well with my baked Cannelloni in read sauce (perfect for dipping!). My mom enjoyed the Calzone which was honestly big enough for two separate different small meals. We wanted to see what the espresso was all about so the server made us a Cappuccino, the proper way he said, and it was definitely strong and rich in flavor. The milk was extra foamy which was a nice touch.

This is definitely a great pizza spot that's in the neighborhood. There's parking around the building as well as across the street or by the park that they're right next too. Inside is nice and cozy and you get to see the actual stone oven they bake the pizzas in. I highly recommend coming here and would definitely go back here to try some other pizza dishes!

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