Brunch at Stanley & Seafort's

*I am not sponsored to write this post, but I did receive a complimentary meal. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own*

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy brunch at Stanley and Seafort's, a steak, chop, and fish house located in Tacoma, WA. I came hungry and prepared to eat, not knowing what to expect from the menu as I wanted to surprise myself before going.

Tacoma seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
Tacoma, seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
Tacoma, seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
There was a great selection of items to choose from on their brunch menu, especially items involveing seafood. I was able to bring a guest so I was able to order a few items to try! On the list was: Lobster Bisque, Seared Teriyaki Tenderloins, California Benedict, Prime Rib Hash, Blueberry Muffin French Toast, and some dessert too, of course!
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou
foodie blogger seattle tacoma kfclovesyou
The Lobster Bisque was probably one of the best I've had. It was incredibly creamy, not too salty, full of lobster flavor of pieces as well. It went well with the toasted rosemary cibatta bread as well.
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
This was the Seared Teriyaki Tenderloin using Fillet Mignon that was cooked to perfection. The sauce and dried pineapples were a little overpowering for me, but overall still tasty dish. When it said 'sticky rice', I thought it was more so the Thai Style glutinous rice vs. sushi rice which was still okay but I didn't eat much of the rice anyways.
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
My friend and I split this Blueberry Muffin French Toast which was AMAZING! I've never had anything quite like this, or a muffin in this way, and loved how there was a nice crunch in each bite. I also liked that this wasn't too sweet. Definitely a fan of this dish and would highly recommend it!

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
This Pork Rib Hash is what my friend ordered and though I didn't get to try it since I was too full from my own dish, she was very pleased and happy with this dish. The meat was cooked well and not chewy at all and it had overall great flavor and presentation.

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
My entree of choice was the California Benedict with the best tasting sides of potatoes! Not your traditional Eggs Benedict where they use an English muffin, they used a grilled baguette and topped it with poached eggs, tomato, avocado, and a generous topping of Dungeness crab. It's a classic with a twist and another dish I highly recommend. The potatoes also deserve their own shoutout - they were almost crispy like a chip, but not quite, and parmesan herb flavor that I couldn't get enough of. I'd go back just for these potatoes!

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger dessert creme brulee
The last thing we had was dessert, because why not?! We choose the cheesecake and burnt cream (aka creme brulee). Nothing you can't get anywhere else, but still a nice end to a delicious meal. 

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Stanley & Seafort's and I would highly recommend coming here for brunch, especially earlier in the day when it is less crowded. The GM and staff were helpful and friendly, and you can also request a nice view of the city by the window while you're at it. Thank you again to Brittany and the folks at Stanley & Seafort's for having me and giving me the opportunity to experience brunch at this beautiful restaurant!


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