Canadia part 1 !

My coworker and I decided to go on a food adventure to Richmond, British Columbia, and of course we ate a lotttttt.
This first part will be about the food actually eaten there. Snacks and goodies I bought will be in later posts!

First stop was Aberdeen Center, which is a Chinese store megaplex basically with all these cute Asian stores of toys, gifts, candies, clothings, beauty, etc. The top food court is impressive mostly because of selection of food, not what I can find here in Seattle. I went to Lung Kee and had their Beef Tendon and Brisket noodle soup which was absolutely amazing! Intense flavor and the tendon and brisket were nice and tender. I drank most of the broth which I probably shouldn't have done because I'm betting it does contain a bit of MSG... then I had a Calpico Shake w/ coconut jelly from Estea Express. I kind of regret not going to fruit smoothie place but o. wells.
Next up, a mid evening snack for before heading out to the Night Market. We went into Yaohan, which is a very Chinesey center with a grocery store, food court, and small stores. We stopped by the grocery store and I couldn't resist these! Some of my faaaves.
Sliced cold pig ears with sesame oil, a slightly sweet sauce, as well as chili peppers made this treat super tasty. I wish it wasn't sliced as thin but I cant be picky since it was pretty cheap for that container and the lady that scooped it up for me packed it in! Then my all time favorite Sea Urchin aka Uni in Japanese was on a super deal. Those 5 pieces were for only 6.99 which is way better compared to the usual $6/7 for 2 pieces at Sushi Restaurants. Then topped it off with a milk tea I wanted to try from Taiwan. Overall, very satisfied =P

Next we have the Night Market goodies! First off after looking and shopping around, the first stop I had were the Curry Fried Fish Balls. I was craving these after seeing them everywhere and mmmM they were delicious. I asked for the ones that weren't that spicy and even then they still had a kick to them. 

Then we have the dessert part! I wasn't able to each much more snackage (like the fried squid aka ika) so I settled for dessert! Mango shaved ice ice cream, topped with mango sauce and condensed milk and fresh mangoes. Super Fatty but super good! I ate the whole thing, though it took awhile to finish. It was totally worth the 5.50 Canadian I paid for it. I felt like the mangoes were endless.

Lastly, the trip ended with, of course, Dim Sum!
We saw the Harbor Seafood Restuarant while driving along No. 3 road in Richmond and decided to go in since it was one of the only ones opened at 10 in the morning. Every time I order for Dim Sum I always order too much food and with only two people, of course I over ordered (and some of the food isnt even pictured AND I had to cRancel an order too).
Since my friend was craving carbs, I ordered a Pork Sparerib Claypot rice. Then Pork and Shrimp Sui Mai, dried shrimp and scallop rice noodle Cheong Fun, steamed beef rice noodle cheong fun, shrimp and pork deep fried salt water dumpling and chicken feet aka Phoenix Legs. Not bad for dim sum and it was pretty cheap too so overall 4 stars.
That's it for the food part, snacks and buying stuff will come later!

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