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So, this Meiji brand new chocolate cookie/candy/snack item was pretty interesting I must say. From the box cover, yo ucan see that it is a triangular shaped chocolate cookie with what seems to be a smoother creamy chocolate inner filling...

(I'd say the name 'Chip Chop' came from the chip like shake of the trianglular cookies.)
Now, I must say that I did like these and found them a little addicting. They reminded me of the flavor of Cocoa Puffs (American Cereal) and if I had milk, they probably would've been good as a cereal too. What I found most interesting about the taste of it was that it was a lot saltier than I expected. Not in a bad way (unless you're one of those people that do not like the sweet and salty stuff like salted caramel, etc). You could definitely taste the saltiness on the outside of the cookie part. I think that's what made it addicting for me since I'm a sucker for anything sweet that's salted, especially with chocolate.
Now the inside did indeed have this creamier chocolate layer, but it wasn't too sweet or too soft. It went well with the saltier chocolate cookie on the outside. And even would've been nice with milk in a cereal.
Overall, glad I got to sample this out! If you're in the greater Seattle Area, be sure to check out Uwajimaya for this product, I think they should still be stocked on the shelves!
(i should know..)

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