Hazelnut Kit Kat from Bulgaria: Review

Today's review is on this Hazelnut Chunky Kit Kat Bar--from Bulgaria

Now i'm not sure if there are any Kit Kat bars in the states, but I do knowthat Japan does kit kat bars like the above in regular and other flavors besides chocolate.
The bar is a pretty big size especially when you take a bite. The chocolate also melts quickly especially once you unwrap it and your fingers touch it. The Hazelnut flavor is not super intense, such as forerro rocher or like a nutella, but it is still there.
I was glad I tried it, but not something I need to rush and buy.
This retailed at $1.49 at Cost Plus World Market. We have them here in Washington, so if you are in WA and are in the area to try some new Kit Kat  flavor , this may be something to try.


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