Iwata Kokutoh Almond-Brown Sugared cover Almonds Review

The snack review of the day are these brown sugared covered almonds by the Japanese brand Iwata. I received these as a sample from a vendor and they retail for $4.19

The package is kind of small for the price, but that is common amongst most snack products form Japan.

My first reaction when I popped one into my mouth was that 'whoa, thats a lot of coating.' The brown sugar that coats the almond is a lot more than I was expecting, but it was surprisingly nice and not too sweet. I think the texture wasn't too hard and after chewing for awhile, it becomes kind of addicting.
Not sure if you can see from the picture, but there is quite a bit of the brown sugar coating around the almond. Overall, I did enjoy this a lot and found myself almost eating the whole bag in one sitting. I feel that it isn't too different from American candy coated nut snacks and people from all over would enjoy this.

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