Japanese Kit Kat in Raspberry/Franboise-Review

Here's a Japanese Kit Kat review in their Raspberry flavor also known as Franboise I believe (french name)

The packaging itself on these Japanese Kit Kats are just way more presentable as well as pretty looking than your 'typical' American Kit Kats. Not to mention the amount of flavor variety these come in.

Back labeling of box
Not to mention that back of these also have a space for you to write in the  'Dear' and 'From' which would be perfect for a little gift as well.

How to open box
And the amount that is inside.

Color and how the Kit Kat looks unwrapped

Inside of bitten Kit Kat.
My initial first bite of this was both sweet and tangy, just as if you were to bite into an actual raspberry. The raspberry flavor wasn't over powering but there was definitely some berry hints in it.
I paid for this item at Uwajimaya and it retailed around $2.19 I believe.
Overall, I would definitely recommend these to any Kit Kat lovers out here because they are worth a try.
Me personally, I would probably not repurchase, only because the tangy part is a bit much for me.

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