RITZ Bits Sandwhiches--Japanese Style

Today's goodies post is on the Nabisco product: Ritz bits sandwhiches, but made in Japan!

Instead of a cheese or peanut butter filling like the ones here in the US, these have a sweet milk cream inside.

If you've ever had the Hokkaido milk cream candies from Japan, either the hard candies or soft chews (caramel like texture), then that's the exact sweet milk flavor inside of these Ritz bits.

Personally, I like these ones from Japan way better than the American ones, and they're in cute little small bite size.

This retailed for around $2.19 I believe and is definitely worth checking out!


  1. they look sooo yummy!!! *o* I want to try!!! D:

    1. if I get enough people to follow, I may do giveaways for these treats! I may send you some for being my first follower too! just need to figure out the logistics =P


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