Spring/Summer Peeps! Lemonade and Bubblegum

Apologies for the glare.

So it looks like there are  new Peeps in town, i'm guessing to gear towards the warmer weather? I haven't seen these previously, so this is just my guess.
There were two that I got to try, one was the Alex's Lemonade Stand in Sweet Lemonade (Large quantity available HERE). The other one was in Bubble Gum flavor. (10 chicks available HERE)

The Sweet lemonade ones were a white marshmallow with a sugar coating as usual with lemon candy crystals sprinkled all over.
The Bubblegum ones were just a straight pink marshmallow with a pink sugar coating.
I actually really liked the Sweet Lemonade ones. It wasn't overly sweet as Peeps usually are and the lemon crystals were actually nice and tangy/sour like real lemonade and went well wih the marshmallow I think.
The Bubblegum one was just too much for me. Too much in the sense where you open it up, it smells like a Double Bubble gum. The pink is the same as that gum. And it tasted straight up like Double Bubble, minus the fact that you couldnt keep chewing it like a gum but had to eat it since it was a marshmallow. It was just too much bubble gum flavor going on for me and I could only eat one.

Another note about the Sweet Lemonade chicks were that with every purchase, a donation is made to the Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, which is awesome and definitely something I support. And they actually taste good too.

*These products were a sample but all opinions are my own*

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