OPI 007 Bond Girls Liquid Sand-Swatch+Review

I've always wanted to try the OPI liquid sand polishes and was finally able to pick up the 007 Bond Girls liquid sand samples. I picked it up at ULTA for $12.99  I believe.

The colors came in the Bond Girls color of Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore, and Solitaire
The only one that looks very different in the bottle as opposed to painted on is Vesper. In the bottle it almost looks brown, but in fact it is a dark purple.
I tried my best to take a picture to show the gritty and sparkle of the polish. The picture of Jin (red one) was probably the best I could take to compare to real life, since it shows the gold sparkles. This picture was taken indoors with natural light. Vesper (dark purple) showed up pretty true to how it looks in real life. The other 2 light ones were kind of washed out.
This picture was taken outdoors and shows the Pussy Galore (pink one) and Solitaire (white one) close to how it looks in real life (apologies for the last 2 nails that needed better clean up).
My favorite color was to be Jinx (red) and Pussy Galore (pink). Solitaire (white) is up there, but I really didn't care for Vesper (purple), it also was the hardest one to get even layers on.

I'm really happy about this pick up and may consider buying a couple in their full size, or try the other ones in this collection. Overall, if you're looking to try out these liquid sand polishes, I recommend buying the small sample sized ones so you can test out more colors.


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