Razzles! First it's candy, then its Gum!

Apparently, this candy goes back to the 1960s. At first bite, it is basically a soft powder/chewy candy like sweet tarts almost, but you end up chewing more and more and eventually get gum as your end result!
( you can buy Razzles  HERE )

From L to R: Lemon, (missing Raspberry), Grape, Orange, and Blueberry

These were all pretty good and true to their artificial counterparts. My favorite one was Blueberry.

Sorry, I don't know why it won't flip back!

Sort of like a sweet tart.
They do lose their flavor after it turns into gum for a bit like most super sugary gums do. It is a good novelty item but not something I would constantl repurchase. It is mainly good, in my opinion, to share and have other people try for a different sort of experience.

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