Snake Accesssssorizing

Besides the fact that I'm born in the Year of the Snake, I have a sliiiiight obsession with all things snake/serpent related. Once I saw this necklace I knew I just HAAAD to get it.


Item purchased at (HERE).
It costs $15.99 but since I had used the 20% coupon it came out to a little over $12.
PLUS the awesome thing about this site is that there is free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase.
The only down side is that it did take awhile to get here (about 3 weeks), since I think it shipped from Asia.

If you're snake obsessed like me, you should definitely snatch this piece! Its a nice bold statement piece and is awesome with your hair up or down.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! You should definitely check out the site. The necklace is reasonally priced and it's free shipping, cant beat that!

  2. pretty necklace!

    1. thank you thank you! I need to find more chances to wear it now.. hehe


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