Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balm in #500 Pink Pout: Swatch + Review

I went to Target the other day and noticed this semi new product from Almay. (I say semi because I've never seen it before and the display said it was a 'new item') I don't have any Almay products at all and I figured since  I had a $4 off coupon to use on an Almay product, I figured it would be a good time to try out something from their brand, so of course, I picked up this lip product.

What drew me to this product was the packaging and advertising on how this was a very moisturizing liquid balm because from the tube, it simply looked like a thick, liquid lipstick. I also really liked this color and though it would be a nice pink to have for summer.

I was really surprised by the consistency when I swatched it. It was a lot thinner than I expected and not as opaque as I thought it'd be. I was also surpised by the smell, it was a sweet, cotton candy like smell, which I personally don't mind at all. It felt like the consistency of a gloss, without the stickiness. I actually quite liked it for being a thinner consistency and it really was moisturizing for me.

swatch in outdoor lighting

swatch in indoor lighting

On the lips, the color was a lot less opaque, but it is a little buildable. It left my lips with color as if I just finished eating a popsicle--just enough color and shine. Since it is a liquid conditioning balm, I did notice that it left my lips with a little of a tingling sensation right after I put it on. I have sensitive lips so that may be the reason why my lips felt different. It wasn't bad, just unexpected, and some people may not like the feeling so if you have sensitive lips, you may want to avoid this product.

(Indoors on the left, outdoors on the right)

Overall I am happy I picked this up and finally try something from the Almay line, the Target price for this was $4.99 and with my coupon, I only paid $1.99. You can also buy it at ULTA .

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  1. pretty color!! ^_^ I love to try this someday :D


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