Almost Mid-Summer Favorites 2013

With August already here (where did summer go?), I thought it be a good time to mention some of my favorites products that I have been loving, and will probably continue on loving until the weather gets cooler.

Lip Products.
1) Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Papaya . I have been loving this color for summer and it´s perfect for summer time. I love how bright and pigmented it is without the fuss like a lipstick. The formula is nice and creamy and not sticky to me at all. It is a bright, fun, coral color that goes well with a lot of looks.
2) Maybelline Baby Lips in Melon Mania. This limited edition scent from the Maybelline in the Baby Lips line reminds me of summer because it is a melon flavor. It is perfect to throw in your bag or pocket when you need a lip balm. It doesn´t have much color to it, but does leave your lips feeling nice and soft with a subtle shine.
3) Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Pop sticks in Raspberry Ice and Citrus Slice . These came out a couple summer ago I believe and were items you either liked or didn´t like. I rediscovered them and fell back in love. First of all, I love the packaging and the lipsticks themselves look like an icicle/popsicle/ice pop or hard candy lollipops because they have a semi-translucent look to them. I think they are great to wear as a balm type and for the darker shade, when you do load it on the lips, it leaves your lips looking like you just had a popsicle! It may be a lot of work for some, but I don´t mind and I seriously love them. Plus they smell amazing!
Swatches of lip products from left to right in different lighting.
L to R: Papaya, Melon Mania, Raspberry Ice, and Citrus Slice.

Body Products.

1) Victoria´s Secret fragrance mist in Mango Temptation. Not much to say about this besides the fact that it smells amazing and perfect for the summer time (especially when thereś more mangoes in season too!) If you haven´t smelled this yet, I suggest going to the closest VS store and smelling it. It smells like sweet, ripe mangoes and just lingers on your body. Delicious!
2) Palmer´s Cocoa Butter Formula. If your body is extra dry from the summer heat, or you have been in the sun too much, definitely put this stuff on to keep your skin nice and soft. I love this stuff on my shoulders, knees and elbows and really anywhere that feels dry. Plus, it has that really nice cocoa butter smell . The stuff is pretty thick though, so I recommend slabbing it on before you go to bed, or when you won´t really be going out because it can get a little greasy.
3) Coconut Shimmer Body Butter: The Body Shop. (similarHERE) . Summer time is the only time I feel you can really get away with shimmer on the body (or hot weather time in general). This one from The Body Shop is absolutely amazing! I don´t think they make this body butter anymore unfortunately but they do have similar products. If you love the smell of coconut or coconut oil, you will love this. The best part is the shimmery effect this lotion gives. It isn´t chunky glitter at all. It is like the lightest and finest texture of fairy dust in cream form. 
How the lotion looks like unblended.
Lotion blended into the skin. It leaves the prettiest shine and glow on the skin! 

Other items.
1) Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. I did a review on this product HERE and ever since I purchased it, I have been using it sparingly and on more special occasions when the weather is hot out. It has the nicest scent that is not overpowering and keeps me feelings dry and refreshed. Perfect for hot summer nights.
2) Caudalíe Beauty Elixir. I also like to use this item sparingly since it is more of a ¨luxurious¨ item because of the cost. I usually use it if I know I will be going out to refresh my skin and give it a more glowing complexion. It has a nice cooling effect and the heavy herbal/minty scent just relaxes me and makes me always feel like i´m pampering myself. It is also nice to bring along for a pick me up if I know I will be spending a lot of time outside.
3) Sally Hansen Zero Bump Bikini Spray. Since it is the short shorts, skirts, and dress weather, you have to make sure your legs are on point! After I shave or wax, I will spray this on and I definitely notice a decrease in redness and it soothes the areas that I have removed hair from. Plus the spray formula and bottle shape lets me get to every part without being a hassle. I spray it on and lightly rub it in and that is it!

Random favorite.
I wanted to mention this anklet that I bought about a year and a half ago from Jewelmint, only because I have literally been wearing it every day (unless I wear something like boots or sneakers that go above my ankle). It just reminds me of some place tropical and exotic and just gives a little something extra to plain sandals.

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