Turmeric/Yukon Soda drink

Japanese people have used Turmeric for quite some time now as a energy and health boosting ingredient in drinks and there are indeed health benefits to turmeric such as being an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, etc. as well as uses for its fresh juices on conditions such as ezcema and chicken pox.
This Japanese soda drink, is probably less for the health benefit side but more for energy (added sugar and carbonation). What is most intriguing about this drink I would have to say is the actual coloring of the soda inside the bottle.

It is a bright yellow (sort of reminds of the Yellow monster man in the movie Sin City) soda drink that, to me, doesn't have a strong turmeric flavor. I'm used to turmeric in curry dishes and such (especially for adding the color). I've also had tried a raw turmeric root so I was expecting a more earthy flavor. It was a very subtle flavor, if any at all, but maybe since I haven't tried turmeric in awhile I couldn't really pick up the flavor. It was a typical soda, obviously, but I like the light carbonation and semi sweet nature of the drink. I can definitely see how this would work as an energy drink though. I felt like I had an extra 'pep in my step' if you will!

The drink and labeling itself is novelty enough for me to continue collecting these drinks and trying them out.
Don't let the color intimidate you, if you can find this try it out!


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