Maybelline Great Lash LTD ED- Teal Appeal & So Very Berry: swatch+review

After trying two colors from this line (I See Blue and Vision in Violet), I wanted to try out more from this line. There are 6 in total, but I only picked up two more.

The two colors I picked were Teal Appeal and So Very Berry.

As you can see from the color on the brush, it would seem to come off pretty vibrant on the lashes.

I took pictures in both natural lighting and with flash, and you can see that both colors do indeed show up and I was very happy with that. I think if you were to apply a white primer base first, the color would be a lot more vibrant. Or if you are a person with naturally blonde or lighter than black lashes, the color would probably pop more.
Picture outdoors
Picture outside

Picture inside in natural light

Overall, I like that these colors aren't over the top bright but is subtle yet noticeable. I love the formula of these as just mascaras themselves since they don't clump and do indeed give my lashes some length.
I do recommend both colors if you are looking for either a dark turquoise or dark berry color without being too bold.

I can't find them online still, BUT you can check out your local Target or drugstore. I found these at Target for $4.49 each and it's the cheapest I have found it.

Hope  you enjoyed this post!! =P 

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