Rimmel's Extra POP Lash colored mascara-Turquoise & Purple: Swatch + Review

I went into the store the other day and noticed these new Rimmel Extra POP Lash colored mascaras and was super excited to see a purple in the line! I really want a good purple colored mascara and the one that came out from Maybelline didn't quite do it for me so I thought i'd give this one a try. I picked up Pop Purple along with Pop Turquoise.

From the wand, you can see that the colors are very bright and I really wanted that brightness to transfer on to my lashes. 

When I applied the mascara on, it was very easy to work with and I quite like the formula of the mascara and would think it be excellent as a normal black colored one.
The bright colors did indeed transfer very well to my lashes and you can see them especially well in flash photos. The first few pictures are with flash on.

The purple one really won me over and I could definitely notice it. I didn't notice it as much when I was applying but after taking the picture, I was happily surprised. It performed a lot better than the Maybelline one.

This photo  below is taken outside with no flash. The turquoise color pops out a lot more in natural lighting than the purple one.

I don't really plan on buying the green one in the collection, but there is a black one I may try just because I like how the mascara applies. I don't think it's available online anywhere just yet, so I would check your local drugstores for them! They're also very affordable. I went to a Fred Meyer's and their cost was $3.49 a tube, which is basically a dollar less than the Maybelline ones as well.

If you're looking for a good purple or turquoise colored mascara, I highly recommend checking these out! I feel like if you had a lash primer or those white fiber primers the colors would show up even more!


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