Kumamoto-Bear sweet potato candy

Very recently, a coworker of mine went on a trip to Japan and brought me back this cute candy!

I love how Japanese packaging on their candies are just so bright and colorful and really grabs at your attention. The cartoonish characer aspect mixed in with the picture of the candy product itself is always balanced and not over done.
Even the individual wrapped candies inside the bag have a lot of detail to them with cute pictures and bright colors surrounding each piece.

The package comes with two different flavors/types. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the yellow one has  Okinawan sweet potato (a purple fleshed sweet potato) and the purple one is a Satsuma imo (regular fleshed sweet potato).
Top view of the candies
Bottom of the candies

As you can tell from the bites, you can see that inside the yellow, there is purple potato inside along with a glossy looking/ chewy filling.

The purple one below has normal/white colored potato flesh inside along with that chewey filling as well.

I don't know the cost of this or where it is found outside of Japan. I am really thankful that I received this as a gift because I love trying out new candies from Japan. If you are in Japan or see this somewhere, and really enjoy sweet potatoes, you should grab it and try some for yourself! =P


  1. Looks Tasty !


    1. It really is, if you are a fan of sweet potatoes that is!


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