Empties #3-Fall 2013

I've finally finished a decent amount of products and figured it would be a good time to show them in an empties post! I don't know what it is about these types of blogs and videos on YouTube but they really intrigue me, hence probably why I keep posting them!
First category of empties are candles from Bath and Body Works.
1) Watermelon Lemonade 3-wick Candle: Loved this one, reminded me of summer time. I hope they bring it back next year
2) Sicilian Orange 3-wick Candle: Not as fragrant as I had hoped, but when you walked closer to the candle, the orange scent was warm and sweet, nothing too sour.
3) Cranberry Pear Bellini 3-wick Candle: This had a lovely cranberry scent, and smelled like a fizzy cocktail--I didn't notice much of a pear scent though.
4) Villa Bergamot Mini Candle-not enough to really enjoy it but I love bergamot scented items so what I enjoyed what I had.

The next set of items are body products.
1) Sally Hansen's All-Over Body Wax Kit-Absolutely love this and swear by it for those wanting to do brazilian/bikini waxing in the privacy of your own home. I think I will do a full on review of this in the future.
2) Daiso Japan Rose Body Scrub-Cheap and very good. Daiso Japan carries a range of beauty items that start at $1.50 and this rose scented scrub was way above expectation. It worked wonderfully as an exfoliator on my entire body without being too rough. Also, if you love all things rose scented like I do then you will love this scrub. I would definitely repurchase.
3) Palmer's Cocoa Butter http://- Review HERE
I mentioned this in a favorites before and absolutely love the stuff. I think when it gets warmer again next year I will surely repurchase.
I mainly purchased this to help with the ezcema on my body and it did indeed help sooth and calm any breakouts. It wasn't as lathering of a body wash as I prefer but I liked how my skin felt afterwards. I would repurchase it again should my skin act up.
5) Satin Care Olay Shaving Cream-Not much to say about this shaving gel besides the fact that it did it's job. I probably wouldn't repurchase it only because I've started to use those razers with the built in moisture strips on and find those more convenient.

Next set of items are face products.
1) L'oreal Revitalift Eye Cream-Decent, didn't really see much improvement to my eyes but it had a nice cooling effect to it. I wouldn't repurchase it and rather try something else.
2) Daiso Japan Aloe Vera Cream-I bought this to keep in  my bag or my car for when the skin on my face feels dry. It was hydrating but didn't do much to calm redness (which I thought it would do since it has aloe vera in it). It was only $1.50 and I would repurchase it for that price.
3) LUSH Imperialis moisturizer-I was recommended this cream for my ezcema awhile ago but found it didn't help the irritation, but as a moisturizer it was good (especially on days my skin was fine). I only had a little but left of it so decided to just finish it off. I probably won't repurchase this though since I like the Dream Cream better.
4)http:// LUSH Dream Cream -  I absolutely loved this stuff and have a full review on it HERE-I am already planning on buying another one of this on my next trip to LUSH.
5) LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face mask-I bought this so my mother and I could both use it and I love the feeling my skin had after using it. Unfortuneately, it is only sold in stores since it require refridgeration! I'd probably buy it again.
6) Benefit's They're Real sample Mascara-I was glad to be able to try this to see what all the hpe was about. I like the brush and the formula of this mascara but I wouldn't pay the full price of it for a full size. I think there are plenty of other drugstore mascaras out there that work better than this on, at least for me, and with a friendlier price. Plus this sample size dried out a lot quicker than I thought it would.
7) Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara-To be honest, I bought this mascara mainly for the packaging and the name of it. As a mascara itself, I found it best when I used it during the middle of it's use time. The beginning if felt a little to wet, and at the end it was a little too dry and started clumping into the spider lash look which I don't like at all. The shape of the wand was nice too since it has a curve to it with matches most eye shapes well and I did see the 'cat eye' extension of the outside lashes flaring out more when I used it. I did find that there was some fall out and slight smudging when using this so if I ever bought it again I would probably have to buy it in waterproof, however, I probably won't repurchase this and rather try something else.

The last group of items are sort of miscellaneous.
1) Up&Up Calcium Chews-My doctor said I needed more calcium in my system so he recommended chews. I found these at target and they were vanilla flavored and really tasty like any other chewy candy. They're a good price too so if you're looknig for calcium dietary supplements, check out Target.
2) Sunsilk black shine shampoo-I absolutely love this stuff and fell in love with it when I used it for the first time in Malaysia 4 years ago at my aunt's house. My cousin had this and the first thing you notice when you use it is that the shampoo is completely black (from seaweed meant to keep dark hair dark). I have some more of this product from when my cousin went to Korea (I don't think they have this in the US which sucks, but I will have to search when I run out) and I think I will do a review on this product too.
3) Forever 21 Rose Extract Facial Wipes-These are surprisingly really good and I love the rose smell to them. They didn't irritate my skin and did a decent job of removing any makeup or dirt off your face. Plus it was a good deal at around $2.80.
4) Up&Up Unscented Baby Wipes-Not much to say abotu these but they are useful and convenient as a facial wipe or to wipe down your body or any spills.
5 & 6) Rite Aid Nail Polish Remover-Not my favorite nail polish remover but it took awhile to finish both bottles up (bought them on a deal years ago). They did the job but I know there are better removers out there.

Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to share!
It is always such a wonderful feeling of achievement after using up products, especially when you see the end results (it makes me feel less guilty about buying more >.<) !!

I have already started using up even more products so when I have a good pile, I will share that too!

What items have you used up? Do you like to see empties posts/videos??


  1. Oooh, very nice list of empties! I'm interested in the Sunsilk shampoo, the Aveeno wash (b/c i love unscented products for sensitive skin) and those calcium chews haha. I have gummy vitamins from Costco but always use more. :P Also love buying things from Daiso. Wish I had one closer to me
    x atelier zozo

    1. Yes, Daiso is my favorite! I'm glad to have a couple near me. And yes the Aveeno wash is perfect for sensitive skin!


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