Le Pichet-French Restaurant Review

One of my favorite restaurants of all time serves some of the best traditional and regional French cuisine. I went here the other day with a few friends over the holidays (it's basically a tradition) and we just enjoyed some good company and excellent food!

I love these girls!

Sorry ahead of time if the pictures aren't as bright or focused, this place is very lowkey and I didn't want a bright ass flash to disrupt people!

For a look at their menu, click HERE! We at there for dinner, but they have Le Casse Croute and Le Charcuterie all day.

Okay, so they started us off with these sesame crackers and a goat cheese spread. I love goat cheese and the tartness paired nicely with the simplicity of the sesame crackers

Now for my starter dish which we shared along with the Gateau au foie de volaille (smooth chicken liver terrine--frikken amazing), I had ordered their special which was foie gras with poached apples and reconstituted plums and toasted bread.
Such a fatty but rich and decadent starter, and not for everyone, but I absolutely loved it! When I have had foie gras  in the past, it was always pan seared or served warm some way. I've never had it just as a spread. It was prepared ever so delicately with some sea salt and the liver spread so nicely on the bread. The taste was mild, more mild than the chicken liver, but had a delicate flavor. The fat (yellow on the bottom) was solidified when served but using it on bread was heavenly. It melted like butter and was amazing. Needless to say, I'm glad this was a special they had (not on their every day menu) and am so happy I tried it.
They kept serving us bread, which was amazing to go with everything. Featured is also the chicken terrine.

My friend and her cousin ordered the Gratin Lyonnais (basically French Onion Soup) and let me just say this is the best French onion soup I have ever had. It is so flavorful and instead of beef stock, they used chicken stock. The onion flavor is intense and so fragrant and naturally sweet. The crouton and cheese are nice and toasted. I highly recommend this if you like French onion soup and use the bread the servers give you to soak all of it up!

My other friend that went ordered the Confit de canard, which is an oven roasted Muscovy duck leg confit with winter squash sage bread pudding, apple-calvados butter and Brussels sprouts.  The squash bread pudding was so smooth and I didn't really taste the squash which I think made it better since it was so subtle. The duck leg itself was so moist and melted in your mouth, literally. If you are a fan of duck, then you definitely need to try this preparation. 

Then my other friend and her cousin again, shared this Poisson blanc grille, a pan seared white fish fillet served on a buttery carrot puree Paris styled gnocchi and wilted spinach. 
Let me just say that the butter/carrot puree was genius! I am not a fan of cooked carrots in the slightest, but this was delicious! It paired nicely with the fish, which wasn't dry at all and so smooth. The gnocchi was nice and tender, not too chewy, but not mushy. A bite of the fish and gnocchi with the sauce was just divine.

Our other friend that came ordered the Bavette grillee, grass fed beef skirt steak with braised cabbage and apples with a  roasted chestnut sauce and pommes frites (french fries but fancier!) The meat was tender, with some parts a little chewy, but overall it was good. The sauce was very warm and sweet and paired nicely with the cabbage. I probably wouldn't order this for myself, but if you are a lover of meats and like medium rare on your steaks, you will enjoy this.

Now the final dish, is mines! I had the Grande Assiette, a full sized plate with 8 of the chef's selection of the Charcuteri and served with cornichons. To be honest, I don't remember most of the meats but I do know I loved the beef tongue (long rectangle pieces) and it basically melted in your mouth! The different salami was delicious as was the duck liver and pork terrine. It was all so much  and we were all really full!

And then there's this..

random manhole, it looked like a pig!

I hope you guys enjoyed my last post of this year and that you were able to see many of your friends and spend time with family and of course, eat lots of yummy food!

Do you guys like French food? What is your favorite French dish (if you have one??!)


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