Maybelline's 'The Buff's lipsticks in #930 Truffle Tease & #945 Stormy Sahara: Swatch+Review

A couple weeks ago, I went to Target and decided to pick up a couple of the new Maybelline Color Sensational-The Buffs lipsticks and I picked up #930 Truffle Tease and #945 Stormy Sahara.

I don't have many nude lipsticks and if they are nude, they lean more towards the pinkier side. I thought these two colors would be good to try out since they are more on the brown and lighter side than what I have.
Truffle Tease looked really nice swatched  on my arm. It had a nice brown tone to it. Stormy Sahara I thought would be a little to red for a nude when I swatched, but I ended up liking it better than Truffle Tease.

swatched outdoors
swatched outdoors under a patio roof.

 The first picture is with Truffle Tease on. As you can see, it nudes out my lips significantly and washes me out. I was hoping this color would work for me way more than it does from what I saw on picture reviews online. I can see this working for someone paler than me or darker, but if you are similar to my skin tone, I would skip this color. I will probably have to use a pink gloss or something to make this more wearable.

In this next picture I have Stormy Sahara on and I actually really liked how it turned out! It didn't wash me out but still had a paler nude color that I was looking for. The red undertones actually worked really well with my skin tone and I can see this being used every day. I like the fact that it also isn't a typical pink nude either since sometimes, I'm just not feeling the pink! This color sort of reminds me of MAC's Shanghai Spice (but I'd have to do a comparison swatch to really tell)--that color lays more on the brown/red nude side.

As for the formula of these, they aren't matte but are more on the creamy side with not real shimmer or shine. I would say you have to be careful if you have chapped lips since the color will stick to the dry skin patches. I recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand to avoid this problem. As for the smell, there is the typical 'old lady' lipstick scent, if you know what I mean. It isn't too bad for me so it doesn't bother me.
I do recommend checking out this whole line in general if you are looking for a good nude. If you are my skin tone or very close to and either much paler, or much darker--I recommend Stormy Sahara. 

These are basically available everywhere now from Walgreens to Ulta, to Target, however I found mines at TARGET  for $5.49 each with a coupon I had from the Sunday Paper so I payed about $4.59 each for both lipsticks.

Have you tried this new 'The Buffs' collection yet from Maybelline's Color Sensational line??!

What's your favorite color and do you have any recommendations?


  1. stormy sahara looks lovely on you :) I've seen these everywhere and there are so many nudes! I am always so overwhelmed and not sure which one would be the best for me!

    Great post!

    1. Yeah, it was hard for me to try to pick which ones would work and only one turned out good! At least it is better than none! =P

  2. Replies
    1. For a lipstick, they are pretty decent and are nice and creamy !

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