More Food: Marination Station + Vostok Dumpling House in Capitol Hill

The other week, I did a post on this Soviet inspired dumpling house in Capitol Hill, Seattle called Vostok Dumpling House and decided to go back and try more food along with grabbing some goodies from Marination Staton (right next door) to bring to-go for home.

A look inside Marination Station.

Marination Station is a fusion food place mixing Hawaiian, Korean, Mexican, etc. all together.

Now a look at what I ordered!

From Marination Station, I ordered the Kimchi Fried Rice w/ Beef (comes with a Fried Egg $7)

I love when the egg yolk is like that above, so perfect when it oozes over the rice.
This is probably my most favorite item to order at Marination Station. Being that this was the second time I ordered from here ever, I just had a craving for this fried rice. The beef was a little tough, but it really didn't bother me and I overall enjoyed it and had some the next day for lunch and it was still good!

I also had ordered 1 of each of their tacos. The best of the pork and beef ones. The chicken and tofu ones were mediocre...and I probably won't order those again.
Teriyaki chicken soft taco.

Next are the items from Vostok!
I ordered the chicken dumplings with the Garilc and herb sauce (above) and also their pork dumplings with their KGB (a super spicy sauce) pictured below.

I loved both of them and couldn't have been happier! The pork with the KGB was a real kicker, in terms of heat and I would totally recommend this to any spicy food lovers. I can't say much else about the dumplings besides that they were delicious and satisfying. My parents also tried it and liked it as well. It's a nice change to the Chinese style dumplings we usually eat.
Pork w/ KGB sauce

Chicken w/ Garlic & Herb Sauce
Last but not least, I had to also order the borscht (red beet soup) from Vostok. I had always been curious about borscht but have never tried it. I saw it on their menu and ordered it with the sour cream.
I have to say, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SOUPS I HAVE EVER HAD! I don't know where borscht has been my entire life?! To b honest, I'm not a fan or cooked red beets (I prefer them juiced) and I usually eat golden beats. This just changed my mind about red beets in general. This was a vegan recipe I believe, but still had bold flavors from the other veggies used. My mom was also obsessed with this so the next day, she went out and bought all the ingredients and we made a big pot of this stuff! It's pretty easy, but it wasn't as good as Vostok's, but still, tasty.

Okay, that's it with my food post! I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures >.<

Do you like fusion foods? What are your favorite food fusions?!

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