TokyoMilk Dark #10 Everything & Nothing: Perfume Review

Today I have another perfume review on another TokyoMilk perfume product.
Once again, I love the sleek black packaging of the perfume bottle and how each one is numbered, named, and printed with a different image.
The perfume I will be reviewing today is the TokyoMilk/Dark Femme Fatale Collection in Everything & Nothing No. 10 Eau de Parfum Spray. This is a 1.6 OZ bottle that I bought for the retail price of $36.

 On the bottle, it  describes the scent with notes of sweet orange, pressed petals, desert moss, and tea leaves.

A further description from Sephora says,

This fragrance charms with a bright burst of citrus and layers of sweet, blossoming florals. Romantic and optimistic, the blend of pressed petals, tea leaves, and sweet orange create an enchanting sensory experience. Dare to pair this beautiful fragrance with a sweet vanilla or crisp floral for a new level of allure.
This reminds me of a warmer and more muskier version of the Ralph Lauren Blue perfume, which is probably why I was initially drawn to it. It isn't over powering at all and leaves a nice medley of fragrance over the skin.
I definitely do sense the deepness of the tea leaves coming through blending with the floral scents along with the warmer aspects of the amber and musk. I love the citrus notes that pass through very subtly--they add a fresh aspect to the scent, making it less serious and more playful, without being too sweet.
I like wearing this for every day if I can't decide on what to wear. It is light enough for daytime wear, but since it has warmer characteristics to it, I also like wearing this in the evening, especially when it is warmer out.

I love this brand an this particular line of Dark line in their fragrances. Everything from their names, to the unique packaging and unique scents just draw me to them every time.

If you like Ralph Lauren Blue and want something similar but more sophisticated, I would check this perfume out. Or if you want something that is wearable for both day and night that isn't overly sweet or overly fresh or overly citrus, and just has a well blended mix of everything, then I would highly recommend this one! I don't really need anymore perfumes, but there are a couple other scents that I would love to add to my collection some day, along with their other products!

Have you tried anything from Tokyo Milk? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh I soooooooooo envy youu!!!! I'd love to try anything by TM but our local sephora doesn't sell it (not a surprise) and it's too expensive to buy it without trying on the internet (but I guess I might sometimes give it a try) :D but I love the packaging and overall image of this brand :)

    1. I think Sephora has a pretty good return policy if you do decide you want to try something but end up not liking it, but I woudld double check with the ladies at the store first! I'm sure they would understand returning something when they don't have the line in-store! Also, TokyoMilk has a website that shows places that sell their product, so that may be a good bet too! And I totally agree with you, the packaging and image of this brand is so lovely.


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