All About the Little Things

*This post is definitely inspired by Miranda over at!*
I don't know about you guys, but some of my favorite items to get when I purchase beauty items online are the mini deluxe sized samples that you get either with purchase or when they or, when you check out and they offer a 'code' for a deluxe item(s), I usually go for it.

Or, if I want to try some items out, but don't want to commit to the full size, the mini travel sizes they sell in little kits/sets are the way to go!

Sometimes, I will wait to buy something online when they have better sample options or special codes for deluxe sizes, just to get the freebie! Or, sometimes,Sephora/Ulta/Nordstrom etc. will have
 special codes where you can get a whole bag full of travel size items with a certain amount you spend, and if you're going to spend that money anyway on an item you want, why not get a bunch of free stuff to try?!

You never know when you may need a smaller/travel size of something!

Mini facial creams, BB creams, eye creams, etc., are the best to bring for travel. I like to keep these on me when I am on the go or on the plane in my carry on luggage. Everything is less than 100ml and can fit in any bag.

Miscellaneous beauty items such as oils for the face and hair are perfect in these small travel sizes. You don't have to bring too much with you or transfer your oils into other containers that may leak.
  These are full proof and, again, perfect sizes to test product out without committing to the full sizes.

Also, this mini Benefit solid primer and Erase Paste concealer (this lasts such a long time, a little goes a long way!) is perfect for travel since they aren't in liquid form and are small to fit in any bag.

 My obsession is lip products, so whenever I see set where I can try more than one, I will have to get them. This mini Bite Beauty lip gloss came in a set and I absolutely love the feel of it, plus it is so frikken cute! I have always wanted to try the Fresh Rose tinted lip treatment and was able to try the mini size when Sephora gave away samples of these for the birthday gift. Benefit's eye primer came in a sampler set I bought (along with the Erase Paste concealer and 1 other item) and is perfect for the times I actually wear eye shadow. I can't remember when I got Benefit's Watt's Up, but it was a deluxe sample I think from another birthday gift or 100 point perk. Then lastly', mini size mascaras are the best to try out new mascaras, especially high end, expensive ones, and it is best since most of the time, they'll use the same brush as the full size. Plus, these are perfect to travel with!

 *I forgot to show some mini deluxe perfumes and just the small sample ones most places give you, but those are for when you want to test out the scent! Most of the time, the ladies at Sephora and Nordstrom will gladly make up a sample for you =)*
  Do you guys like mini travel size items and deluxe samples?! What are you favorite ones to get?


  1. I love your collection!! Some pretty awesome goodies I like that you have a mix of various products and spot on that if we're spending money why shouldn't we get samples haha. I'd love to see a mini perfume post, might just inspire me to do one hehe

    1. Yes, exactly! Whenever they have the free promo code for deluxe samples or if you spend $25 (or something) there's a code for a goodie bag, I will always snab it! And..I'll think about the perfume post! I really have a lot of those mini sample tubes, but they're actually really useful !

  2. I love this size of samples! Usually they last me for a log time, so I often buy such from ebay, especially skincare, to try out the product. And they are indeed the best for travelling :D I also sometime re-use the empty packagings to fill them with my favourite products for travelling, too :D

    1. Haha if there is empty packaging that I can actually re-use I would, but these ones would be hard to fill up (minus the facial oil and hair oil). This size is good for eye creams too (like the Origins and La Mer ones above) since you only need the littlest bit, so its good to test out if you like it enough or not for a full size!


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