Deluxe Perfumes and Mini Samples

I love a good sized sample of any product and one of my favorite ones are perfumes! Whether they be deluxe size or the mini ones, I love them all! Always look out for deals, promo codes, or gifts with purchases on (or their 100/200pt perks), Ulta, etc.

These two below are my favorite deluxe sized perfume samplers I have and the packaging is absolutely adorable. What I love about the size of these is that it is the perfect amount to test the product out, and for me, since I hardly ever go through a full bottle of perfume , these are in honestly, the perfect amount and are easy to carry around and travel with (especially when they are in roller ball form!)

I got the Versace Bright Crystal one about a year ago in a free sampler bag from Sephora (along with all these other goodies) with the purchase of $25 of items and all I had to do was enter a promo code.
The latest to my collection is this Elizabeth and James Nirvana White deluxe sample I just got from my last Sephora purchase. I have been dying to buy this one, but didn't know if I wanted to commit to the full size or a roller ball. When I saw that this was a 100 point perk on the Sephora website, I just had to grab it and I am absolutely loving it and glad I waited and didn't buy it because I honestly won't use it that much.

Some advice I have for people who want to try out new perfumes or test out ones they haven't heard of is taking advantage of the free samples (you usually get to pick 3) when you buy beauty items online from Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom etc. Don't skip these freebies! Yes, it may not seem like a lot, and sometimes you accumulate too many, but always take a peek at the selection because sometimes there are ones on there you may have always wanted to try! 

Another way to get some samples on perfume is to just go to the perfume counters at those stores. For the most part, the ladies and gents that help you out are always willing to give you some free samples and sometimes, they have samples already pre-made. Nordstrom has their own mini empty perfume sample containers just lingering around so you can always just go pump some for yourself!

Some of my personal favorites that I have tried from these sample sizes are  Hana Mori Paris, Prada Candy, and Jo Malone Nectar Blossom & Honey (which I do want to buy in the smaller size soon!)

Do you like perfume samples? What are you favorite perfumes you have tried?!


  1. I keep a collection of samples, too! It's fun to stray from the typical scents in your collection and wear something different now and then. I've also been thinking of getting that Nirvana deluxe samples, too! Great post! :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

    1. Thank you! And yes, I think it is fun to try something new that you wouldn't typically go for and these samples are the way to do that! And you totally should if you still can!

  2. I am like a perfume sample hoarder! When they had those Nirvana point perks.. I stocked up! I got two of the white and two of the black... Combined, I got a little less than an ounce of both the black and white perfume!

    1. I feel like I should have stocked up too! But who knows how long it will actually take me to use them up haha


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