Fong Ip Cafe in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Today's Malaysia post will be about this local café in the city of Kota Kinablu.
So, I may be a bit biased about this place (my uncle's shop basically), but I really do enjoy the environment and food here!
If Anthony Bourdain ever sees this, he needs to go to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and my uncle could seriously be his best tour guide, hehe >.<

Fong Ip Café was named for my great-grandfather, Fong Ip, and Fong is their family name (so in Western terms it would be Ip Fong).

My brother and I outside of Fong Ip Cafe
My grandpa eating breakfast at Fong Ip. Look at him rock that Boeing hat though!

If you are ever in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, please go check this place out! And if you just so happen to go there on the day my uncle is working, definitely chat with him! It seems like he knows everybody in the city and he will tell you how to eat all these different foods and what pairs well with what. He's basically a social butterfly and he always chats up tourists that happen to stop by in the shop. His name is Dominic and tell him I sent you! There's a great mix of local flavor and more comforting ones that you may be more familiar with if you are a tourist, and of course, some Durian items for the more adventurous type! My uncle will gladly help you pick out what best foods to try,

A look at the menu featured outside the shop.
Yes, that's right, deep fried durian!
A look at the deep fried ice durian

My uncle will definitely teach you how to enjoy this little treat. You take the dried li hing, place them inside the calamansi/kitchai, and as you squeeze the citrus fruit into your mouth, you get a flavor explosion of sweet, salty, and sour and it is so refreshing!

The café serves up 'economy' food which is basically your every day types of food found in Malaysia such as fried rice, fried noodles, and little dim sum-esque types of items. Along with that, there is a set menu of other items you can order to be made such as an American-styled breakfast, kon loh mee (dried sauce style noodles) and the ever-so-popular Laksa (spicy seafood type of Malaysian noodle soup dish!) and Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with curry and other side pairing).

Dim Sum style food, look at how massive that Okra/Lady Finger is!

Nasi Lemak

Curry Laksa.
You have to try it three separate ways. By itself, with the sweeter chili paste, then all together with the hot sauce!.

Simple economy styled foods: fried egg, fried rice, fried noodles
Kon Loh Mee

Then there are also many varieties of bread pairing choices available, from butter and kaya (a type of coconut jam) to even a durian puree! You can have it served fresh or toasted, but either way, you should really try ALL THE BREADS! they're so good! Then there's also another classic dish that my uncle wanted to serve because my grandpa taught them how to eat it which is the classic two soft boiled eggs served with soy sauce, white pepper powder, biscuits and/or bread.

Fresh bread with Kaya and Anchor butter (from New Zealand)
Toasted bread with durian puree and butter

Toasted bread with condensed milk and butter
Typical breakfast. Hot tea with milk, soft boiled eggs w/ biscuit crackers, and fresh bread with kaya and butter
After the soft boiled eggs are cracked, you add some soy sauce and white pepper powder.

Mix the delicious egg mixture together

Drop in your biscuits so they soak up the egg and soften

Or if you're like my grandpa, he likes eating his soft boiled eggs with the fresh bread =)
I am enjoying a toasted kaya and butter bread with a hot Milo (a type of chocolate drink)
There are also a bunch of different drinks that are all good and there's something for everyone. If you are into coffees, you can have them served hot or cold, with milk, with sugar, with tea, whatever you like. Then there are the different milk tea choices to pick from too. I love the Milo with milk and served hot and my other favorite 'susu kawin bing' which roughly translates to married milk over ice. It is a nice sweet mixture of milk and condensed milk I believe that is just so comforting. For something refreshing on those extra hot and humid days (let's be real, it is hot every day there!) I love the lemon kitchai hamoi bing which is lemon, calamansi (a type of Southeast Asian citrus --kind of looks like a key lime but with a more intense flavor) dried preserved plums a.k.a. sour balls a.k.a. li hing mui and a sugar mixture all over ice. It is definitely up there on my favorite drinks of all time. If those don't float your boat, there are regular canned sodas from the popular F&N company located in Malaysia as well as bottled water, yogurt drinks, 100 Plus (like a carbonated Gatorade), etc.

Lemon Hamoi (li hing dried preserved plums) Kitchai (calmansi) bing (iced).

My toasted bread with a warm Milo .

Susu Kawin Bing

This is the place if you need to sit and have a nice meal with friends or by yourself, whether you need it to be quick or take it to-go. It can get pretty busy and crowded, but most people just enjoy a quick meal and seats will open up. Also, there is free Wi-Fi here, so bring your laptop and smart phones and take advantage of it while you can!

People eating at Fong Ip and watching some TV.

View from the other side.
Table full of food!

Oh, and there's me doing a flag on a street sign right outside ^^

Readers, have any of you been to Malaysia or are from Malaysia? Anybody try Malaysian food? What are your favorites?


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