Had some family in town and of course the touristy thing to do is to take them to Downtown Seattle and the ever-so-popular Pike Place Market! Here are just a couple shots from the day--enjoy! =)

Of course we ate a lot too. Some Samosas and mango juice from Saffron Spice.... and then of course some of the popular mini donuts from Daily Dozen.. sampling along the way, we found ourselves and my favorite French Bakery at Le Panier and had some pistachio eclairs, macarons and of course my favorite feuilletes (puff pastry), a champignons (mushrooms in cream sauce). We walked a little further, more sampling, then made a pit stop at Piroshky Piroshky Bakery for some piroshkies and borscht (Russian beet soup). 

It was nice day out so my uncle was able to take some awesome shots of the market. No matter how much of a 'tourist attraction' Pike Place Market is, I still love going down there and enjoying all the fun colors and wonderful food! If you are ever in the Seattle area, this is a must-stop spot!


  1. wow wonderful pics!



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