Today I have another Etude House lipstick that I wanted to get up on the blog before I talked about my Spring favorite lippies =) This one is the Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in a red-orange shade.
Again, the packaging is adorable. The box is decorate in colored jelly beans (hence the jelly lips talk name) and the lipstick case, again, is in a cute white blooming case with the bullet having the signature crowned heart embossed on the bullet, just like the previous one I reviewed HERE.
First off, don't be intimidated by the bullet at all! The otherwise bright looking red-orange lipstick indeed is a nice sheer-colored lipsticks that gives 'irresistible jelly lips with its moist and shimmery finish.' I can't agree on the shimmery part, the but the rest is true. This product is definitely more on the lip balm side which also reminds me of the Maybelline Lip Butters. The color gives off a nice tinted stained effect, shown above, which I think is perfect for the warmer months. It's one of those products that gives off that juicy lip, popsicle vibe,

If you're afraid of both opaque and bright/bold lippies, but want to try some color, then I would say to keep this product on your radar. Not only are there a  nice array of colors but you know they will be hydrating and have some color on your lips. This wore decently on me since I do consider it more of a lip balm than lipstick for about 3 hours. It wore off nicely and left an even stain behind on my lips too. There is a slight perfumed scent to the bullet but it goes away when you apply it, but honestly, it is so subtle, it is kind of nice! 

Have you guys tried any other Etude House lip products? Any recommendations? Let me know! =)

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