The weather in Seattle has been slowly getting sunnier (except for today) and that means I can wear more of my favorite dresses out! I wasn't feeling too much in the color mood so this black & white Banana Lemon dress that I found at Marshalls was perfect for the sunny weather.

(sorry for the inconsistent lighting, oops!)
I love when a dress has more of a skater skirt and this one had just the right feel to it. I'm also a fan of dresses with longer caps over the shoulders or sleeves and this one cut perfectly on the arm as well--no weird lengths to make my already big shoulders look even bigger! These white sandals from F21 also match with just about anything and are so comfortable, I know I'll be wearing them throughout the rest of Spring and Summer.

Dress - Marshalls
Shoes - Forever 21 (similar HERE )
Burberry Watch - Nordstrom 
Sunglasses - Forever 21 (similar HERE )

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