Finally! A Beauty post! I've been sluffin' , major, on these and finally got my lazy self to take some pictures and do some reviews on a bunch of lip products I have played with.
Today I have these new Lime Crime Velvetines in #Faded and #Bleached from their new Penny Lane trio and only these two of the three caught my attention (the other one was #Shroom but the brown wasn't to my liking)
Again, I have to talk about their packaging since it is just too cute, per usual. Such a sucker for pretty little things. I 'm already a fan of their other velvetines, Cashmere more so than Wicked (review HERE) so I was hoping these would be more on the wearable side, which they definitely are!
 Here's some watches.

#Faded on left, #Bleached on right



FADED is described as a purple beige and on me, I would have to say it is like a mauvey my lips but better color with the slight hint of purple and I really love it. It is definitely wearable and seems to warm up on my skin tone.

BLEACHED is described as a peachy neutral and I have to agree! I think this is my new favorite summer time lippie! It is incredibly wearable and really acts as a peachy-nude lip. This color also compliments my skin well and isn't too lout or too bright to wear. I can see this becoming my every day this summer.
Both cost $20.

I had no issues with application to either of these velvetines (unlike the build up issue I had with Wicked). They applied smoothly and all I really needed was one thin coat, though you can build over it and it doesn't bunch up weird. They do set pretty fast though so I would recommend a quick application. Lining your lips first with a neutral liner will help you keep it in place! The scent of these are the same sweet frosting smell - which reminds me of rainbow chip frosting - which I don't mind at all.
These wore absolutely beautifully and didn't require any maintenance after my initial application. I got well over 6 hours of wear with them even through eating, drinking and even through a work out and shower. These two are by far my favorites as of now and I had no issues with transferring of product. I did have to use either Bioderma or an oil-based makeup remover to take it all off though.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend these two colors to get your money's worth since they are very wearable and can pair with many makeup looks plus they last a really long time!

Readers, have you tried any of the Lime Crime Velvetines? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know!

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