Why haven't I worn a half bun sooner?! Probably because I'm that lazy.. Hah. I've always loved the look of a half bun and now that my hair isn't ridiculously long, it's super easy to do.
I was feeling super casual, but 'cheeky' if you will so this shirt from Choies definitely helped me channel that mood. I'm pretty sure the sleeves aren't supposed to hang like that but because my shoulder are so broad and buff from pole, they do that weird stick out thing. Oh well!
I also forgot that I had purchased this cute looking map purse from Hong Kong last year and decided that it was time to use it. I loooove the older feel of this bag and of course the map detailing. The coloring makes it feel vintage and being neutral means it can go with a lot. There's also different pockets and zippers and also a zip extender if you needed extra space in your bag.
A better look at the shirt.
Shirt - Choies
Shorts - Forever 21 (Similar HERE)
Bag - From a Hong Kong Night Market
Steve Madden Slip Ons - Nordstrom (Similar HERE)

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