Gotta Catch 'Em All w/ TeeTurtle Pocket Minis! Tee

Ever since I was a itty bitty kiddy, I loooved Pokémon, and was maybe borderline obsessed at one point. I collected the cards, played the GameBoy game, and basically collected anything I could related to the game. Plus I loved watching the cartoon on Saturday mornings or even after school too! Now that I am much older, I still have a love for Pokémon and can express that love through clothing! My favorite way is through cute shirts and such especially this ADORABLE Pocket Minis Tee from the brand Tee Turtle. I stumbled upon their stuff while I was at Emerald City Comic Con this year and quick fell in love with all of their stuff!
I honestly couldn't have picked just one of the starters: I love Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur all differently for their own separate reasons and they're all so frikken cute! So the easy choice for me was to nab the tee with all three of them. =)
I usually wear a size MED but the guy at the booth said these run a little small so for me Woman's Large was the safe bet. My shoulders are so broad anyways that a Large is the best bet. I love these little 'pocket' shirts since it gives off the illusion of having a packet with cuties inside when it is just just a print with shading to give it that imitated look. The shirt cost me $20 but you can find it on sale now for $15 on their website HERE !! If you're a fan of cute/kawaii things such as Pokémon, Totoro, Disney, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda and any other cartoon/fantasy/video game/anime/mashups you can think of, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this site for some cute prints and shirts!

Shorts - H&M (similar HERE)
Sandals - Dolce Vita at Nordstrom

Readers, do you guys like cute anime/video game/cartoon inspired clothing? What's your favorite one? Let me know!

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