Restaurant Zoe in Capitol Hill

It was a happy stumbling when we ended up here for family dinner. The initial restaurant we were supposed to go to was closed to the public due to a dinner party so we wandered around until my mom decided on Restaurant Zoe located in the Capitol Hill area in Seattle.
This place has a very nice homey feel to it with an outdoor dining area, a middle of the way atrium dining area and of course inside dining. The feel was very earthy with the abundance of flora growing around and open windows to let in the summer warmth. Even the dishes we tried were very 'green'. These American dishes, for the most part, with a twist (a bit of Asian inspiration I felt) were very fresh with quality ingredients. 


1) Willies Green's

2) Gulf Prawn Ceviche

3) Beef Tartare

4) Crispy Tofu


5) Affogato

6) Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream (homemade)

7) Greek Yogurt Semifreddo

1) Willie's Greens: This refreshing salad came with mixed greens, Marcona almonds, radish, strawberries, Romano cheese and an apple cider vinaigrette. It was definitely nice and light and had a nice balance of sweet with the strawberries, sour with the vinaigrette, and bit of a spicy bite from the radish. The crunch of the radish and almonds added for a nice texture play.

2) Gulf Prawns Ceviche: This came with tomato, jalapeno, onion, cilantro, avocado semifreddo, black tobiko (flying fish roe) and taro chips. The prawns were so fresh and the different vegetables in it didn't over power the other. The taro chip added for a nice mechanism to eat the ceviche and a nice crunch factor. The added tobiko gave it an Asian flare, if you will, and a nice layer of saltiness to the overall tartness of the dish. 

3) Beef Tartare: The last of the 'starters' and my favorite dish. The beef they used wasn't gamey or had raw smell to it at all and it was beyond fresh. The egg yolk was golden yellow and oozed perfectly with the beef. The decor of the fermented garlic aioli and sweet port gelee paired superbly with the tartare and lavosh. Overall, I could've been happy just eating 2 or 3 of these on my own! Definitely the show stopper of the night.

4) Crispy Tofu: This simple dish with crispy tofu, mushroom duxelle, green lentils (Moroccan spiced sofrito and heirloom summer squash was merely mediocre, in my opinion. There wasn't any wow factor to it and honestly felt a bit overpriced for what you had. For being a 'Main' dish, it definitely did not feel hearty enough to fill anyone completely. The lentils were a bit dry and I just didn't care too much for it. The flavor of the tofu was decent and being called 'crispy' I wish it was more crispy.

5) Affogato: Onto dessert and a classic Affogato with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caffé Vita espresso! This sure had the caffeine kick to it and the espresso was nice and strong! I wouldn't recommend this at night if you had to wake up early since you might not be able to sleep, but if you love coffee then this classic is always a nice way to end a meal. Smooth vanilla and rich espresso just makes the perfect 'sweetened ice coffee' treat.

6) Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream: This ice cream had the perfect amount of shortcake for a strawberry shortcake ice cream with icey strawberries throughout. It wasn't overly sweet and the nice sugar comb thing (that gold thing sticking out!) was perfectly paired to the ice cream. I'd definitely recommend this one for dessert.

7) Greek Yogurt Semifreddo: With a cucumber melon granita, coconut basically frozen, and honey compressed melon, I would have to say this was probably one of the better desserts I have had in awhile. The Greek yogurt semifreddo wasn't overly tart or sweet and had a nice soft consistency paired with the harder coconut bottom. I loved the compressed melon since it added an extra layer of sweetness to the dish and a strong melon flavor. Definitely unique and full of flavor and texture. I'd highly recommend this one!

This little secret garden of a restaurant in a corner on Capitol Hill is definitely worth checking out. The prices are a bit higher but you are paying for quality ingredients and a wonderful ambiance. I will say that the service was good for the most part, but it did take awhile for us to have our orders taken and it wasn't even that busy inside. Other than that, the food came out in a timely manner and the presentation on everything was artistic and pleasing to the eye. I would definitely come here again, especially if they have a seasonal change in their menu.

Readers, do you like the new take on American foods? Which one of these would you try? Let me know!

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