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I was approached by the beautiful people at to talk about their gorgeous Wedding Dresses Toronto colelction they have to offer and was instantly interested because of the subject! As most people may not know, I have been working with a few bridal magazines over the summer and this subject of wedding dresses could not be more relevant. Though the peak of wedding season is considered "over" in the U.S., people never tire of seeing what's new, especially with weddings at every time of year.
The style of the Wedding Dresses Toronto collection is whimsical and ethereal, with wearable pieces for any bride. There are cuts to fit every style out there from those who want a longer gown, asymetrical hemlines, to sweatheart strapless dresses to ones with full long sleeves. There's also a selection of different whites and creams to fit your taste. The best part? These dresses are all extremely affordable and even more perfect if you have an tight budget, or would rather save the extra cash for the honeymoon ;). A favorite of mine is the dress shown above. I love the soft delicate lace sleeves and the back button detailing is very flattering. Another favorite of mines is the one featured below.
Off-the-shoulder dresses are one of my favorite cuts-it adds a nice sexy look without being too bold. This cut is perfect paired with the slight sweatheart neckline and the flowiness and longer length of the dress balance out the more fitted top.

Another great thing about this wedding dress collection is that most of them come in a variety of colors aside from whites and creams so they would also make some of the most perfect bridesmaids dresses! One of the rules when you have bridesmaids for your wedding is to make sure they aren't breaking the bank for their dress, so these options would be ideal for you (as the bride) to have your bridesmaids wear one of these affordable, yet stylish dresses. A lot of these are great for wearing more than once too. I find that many bridesmaids never wear their dress again after they buy it and it can be a bit discouraging when you are purchasing one. However, if you offer your bridesmaids dresses they can wear on more than one occasion, they'll be more than happy to buy it for your wedding. allows their customers to choose pieces that can be worn more than once and the Toronto collection offers more than a handful of pieces that fit this situation, especially shorter dresses like these:
Whichever you prefer, long short, detailed or simple, there's something for every bride (and bridesmaids!) in this beautifully curated Toronto collection from

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