Hey Everybody!

I wanted to take a couple moments here to share some new happenings coming to the blog!
Coming in April, I plan to post at least 3x a week! A big part of my life is food, from the healthiest to the calorie heavy, and I love it all. I will be dedicating (or at least trying to!) one post a week to food whether it be a restaurant review, or snack review, or comparisons, or even recipes.

I've also been more in love with the fashion world and the fashion community in Seattle so there will be at least one outfit post a week or some sort of favorites.

Lastly, I will be starting a new series on Friday titled: Friday Round-Ups! This will either be in the form of my restaurant adventures of the month, to favorite pieces of clothing, favorite snacks, favorite songs, etc. etc. etc. and the list goes on! I'm hoping to share more and get a bit more personal on here too.

I've also been toying around with the idea of sharing more fitness stuff from my pole and aerials venture but I'm not sure how to incorporate that quite yet. When I figure that out, I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop! Thanks for reading, and I hope you're as excited as I am about what is to come!


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