The weather is getting a whole lot sunnier and warmer here in Seattle which means I can bust out the t-shirts and shorts!

Feelin Good Graphic Tee - Forever 21
Black shorts - Forever 21
Denim Jacket -  Forever 21 (similar HERE)
Lightning bolt earrings - Rocksbox
Converse - Nordstrom
Backpack - Michael Kors

With the warmer weather, I love being able to wear a good pair of basic shorts, but I like to add a pop of something to the outfit too whether it be the shoes, accessories, or whatever else. This time, I found the perfect graphic tee that is super fun and right up my ally - this 'Feelin Good' graphic tee from Forever 21! The emoji looking comic prints all over the shirt make it extra fun, especially the food inspired ones like the donut/doughnut, cherries, and banana. It also gives off a retro vibe that also reminds me of video games I liked to play growing up like the bomb (Bomberman anybody?) and the shooting star (Super Mario!). Adding a shirt like this is one of my favorite ways to make an otherwise 'basic' look not so basic.

What are your favorite kind of tees?!


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