Madrona is such a cute neighborhood in Seattle and I just so happen to be in this area all the time now =)

Grid shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Converse - Nordstrom
Sunglasses -
Backpack - Michael Kors

You can literally find the cutest spots in Madrona (in Seattle) from restaurants, pubs, cupcakes, cafés and even a laundromat! I've come to be really familiar with this area since my boss and friend live here. I've been able to try many different spots and basically scout out different locations that would be fun to hang out and eat or of course, a photo session. On a quiet afternoon, Jordyn (@fairyprincessjord) and I of course had to take pictures in the laundromat (and on top of some machines too, oops!). Too bad the Molly Moon stand was closed =( or else we definitely would've gotten us a yummy treat! I wore this grid patterned button-up and made it super casual with jeans and some chucks. This shirt is lightweight and very comfortable to wear and as of lately, I have been a bit obsessed with grid patterned apparel. I'll definitely have to add some more to my wardrobe!


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