Aaand, here is my May Restaurant Round-Up! I can't believe how fast the month flew by and it's basically half way through the year already. Follow my food journey in Seattle and again, please note that all restaurants marked with a * is my first time trying it!

Elderflower (I think) soda, Salt Cured Foi Gras, Steak Tarare, Grilled Yakima Asparagus, Beef Seven Ways, Muscovy Duck Breast, and Strawberry Pastry

Rice Gelato

Pasta Bolognese, Crepe Thermador

Chewy Chocolate Cookie, Pistachio Cookie, Vegetable Hash, and TLT Sandwich

Alfonso Cocktail, Grilled Cheese, and Cheese & Charcuterie

Scout Mint, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Vegan Coconut Strawberry

Thali Specials with okra and chicpeas

Happy Hour $1 Oysters, Asparagus w/ Anchovies, Coastal Burger, Fries w/ Eyes

Brownie Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Californial Bowl

Curry Fishball Soup

Caesar Salad, Steak & Sushi, Summer Sangria, and a Peach Bellini

Shrimp Louis Cobb Salad, Crab Benedict, Eggs Benedict, China Omlette

Black Tobiko, Tako, Hamachi, Albacore, Amaebi, and a Ume Shiso Roll

Bad Boy Roll, Sake Kama, Calamari, and Bass Nigiri

Aloha Fries, S6 Hawaiian Style Fried Chicken in Spicy Korean Sauce, and Fries

Fried Catfish..again!

Chacuterie, Rib-Eye Steak, and Bone Marrow

Shabu Shabu Salad, Chirashi, Bento, Omakase ($55 and $65), and Tempura Ice Cream

Crab Melt and Suquet De Peix

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