Towards the end of last month, I went on a quick weekend trip to visit a friend in San Francisco! I went with my other girl friend and we had a jam-packed three days there eating, sightseeing, and more eating! Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite spots in this photo diary! Let's start off with my friends place with the cutest rooftop and view of the city, including the Golden Gate Bridge.
I would also like to thank Gigi for having us over and for also helping me take photos and to Marites for being my travel buddy and filming for me too!

Her roommate and our friend/old classmate also worked nearby at the House of Bagels in the Richmond district and we had an awesome breakfast there on our last day. Below is their lox and cream cheese with capers!

Off to Japantown, with some cool shops, and one of them being in the New People shopping center called, Maruq, the ultimate kawaii speciality boutique. Everything was indeed super cute and I couldn't get over how cute everything was! 

Next up is San Francisco's Mission District, or "The Mission" filled with wonderful colors and the popular Clarion Alley filled with murals of all sorts. Below are some of my favorites!

The never ending Chinatown is also a must in San Francisco, filled with shop after shop. I had to stop by here to the popular Golden Gate Bakery to pick up some egg tarts to take home with me! It was pretty hot this day too so we had to also stop by for a bubble tea run at Sweetheart cafe; taro milk tea for them and a watermelon sago for me!

I've been to San Francisco before but I have never been to the Sutro Baths. This place would've been a wonder to see before it burned down. What's left of the ruins surrounded by the ocean leaves a quite haunted, but beautiful view and fun to explore around. 

A food spot to try is STRAW, a carnival fare inspired restaurant for comfort food. I loved the overall vibe of this location and the food was as you expect, fun! Instead of bread or chips, they started us off kettle corn and then some mini corn dogs. I had to try their donut burger, The Ringmaster: Straw's Famous Donut burger with organic ground beef, melted cheddar & jack, house made glazed donuts (two of them!) and an added fried egg of course! My friends had the Fried Chicken-N-Waffle Monte Cristo and both left us overly filled and satisfied!

If you want some of the best views of the city, Bernal Heights/Hill is the place! Our friend Gigi took us here and the night was a bit cloudy, a bit chilly, but such a sight to see.

If you want to do be a tourist and do the typical tourist things in SF, then a tour of Angel Island & Alcatraz is a must! Plan for a full day of events and do either the Alcatraz tour or both. You get to learn the history of both islands; Angel Island offers a tram tour, Alcatraz has a self-guided tour of the prison. I'm definitely glad I had a chance to check these out!
Tacos from the cafe on Angel Island

View from Treasure Island

Off the Grid Food trucks. Our friend works at the popular Senor Sisig food truck and we picked her up in Oakland after her shift and enjoyed some food truck fare. Everything we tried was pretty tasty and my favorites were definitely the bun from Charimantruck and Senor Sisig's fries!

The infamous Full House, of course, took place in San Francisco and we had to drive by the popular painted ladies, were part of the intro of the show is filmed at! This is such a tourist destination and beautifully painted Victorian era houses were pretty to see. Parking in the area is a bit tough, but if you can find a spot, take it and take pictures! We also stopped by the real Full House house but I can't find the picture! Oops...

Located in the Marina District, the Palace of Fine Arts was a very scenic attraction. The architecture is incredible and the surrounding area was very serene. The only thing that could've made it better was if the clouds cleared up and we had blue skies!

Anywhere you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from a higher vantage point is a must! We went to this lookout and the clouds just so happened to move in time for a few snaps!

Another infamous location in SF to visit is the windy Lombard street. It's crazy how many people are there on a daily basis and how steep the streets can be. I can't believe how people can live up there, especially with the tourists constantly coming and going! My favorite parts in the area are definitely the cool houses with flora growing right on it!

Italian food and a trip to Little Italy was one of the first things we did. I love the Italian culture and this area was filled with friendly people and tons of eateries. We ate at a restaurant called Piccolo Forno and had some delicious home cooked Italian faire with their specials: a crab ravioli and carbonara. After lunch, we craved some ice cream and saw a gelato place, Gelateria Naia, and had our fill.

Stopping by the Ferry Building Marketplace only happened because I really wanted the meat flower cones from Boccalone Salumeria, and it happened to be in here. There were tons of food and everything was so tasty! Aside from our meat cones, we also had some oysters and dessert.

 That's it for San Francisco thus far! I'm currently working (more like procrastinating) on a Vlog of my adventure and can't wait to share it when I'm done. Have you guys been to San Francisco? What's your favorite places to visit and food to eat? I'd love to know! I'm falling in love with the Bay and am definitely going to go back soon!


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